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287 PHARM MC 886
833 S Wood street Chicago IL 60612-7230
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General Information
287 PHARM MC 886
T 312-996-7879
F 312-996-2954
Home Page
Edith Nutescu
315 CSB MC 886
T 312-996-0880
F 312-413-4805
Assistant Director
Surrey M Walton
264 PHARM MC 871
T 312-413-2775
F 312-996-0868
Assistant Director
Alan Simon Pickard
287C PHARM MC 886
T 312-413-3357
F 312-996-0424
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Lorna Haubrich
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-355-1924
F 312-996-3272
Phonebook Contact Person
Monica L Carney
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-3174
F 312-996-8859
Phonebook Contact Person
Sheryl Wilder
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-0322
F 312-413-3539
Phonebook Contact Person
Colleen Monahan
1068 SPHPI MC 923
1603 W Taylor St, 10th floor Chicago IL 60612
T 312-515-1360 XCellphone
REACH Contact
Philip John Reiter
180AA - ITU PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-4683
F 312-413-0497
REACH Contact
Barry D White
180A - ITU PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-4682
F 312-413-0497
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Pharmacy, College of


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