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Also known as OUTPATIENT PHARMACY, Ambulatory Pharmacy, UIC Pharmacy

Banner Dept: 2-279000

Suite 345 CSB MC 884,
840 S. Wood St. Chicago IL 60612
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Department Roster
Fax 312-355-1916
General Information

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Services Administration
T 312-996-2812
Director of Pharmacy
Andrew J Donnelly
C-310 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-3671
Senior Associate Director - Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Services
Sandra F Durley
345-G CSB MC 884
T 312-996-4940
Senior Associate Director - Clinical Services
John Garofalo
C-303 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-7678
Assistant Director, Finance and Administration
Margaret Hae Young Byun
345-E CSB MC 884
T 312-355-1417
Assistant Director, Pharmacy Information Systems
Joseph P Simon
345-J CSB MC 884
T 312-413-9795
Associate Director, Specialty Pharmacy Services
Matthew Rim
345-B CSB MC 884
T 312-996-3098
Human Resources Specialist
Jeanne M. Ryan
345-C CSB MC 884
T 312-355-2907
Taylor Street/EEI Pharmacy
1071 EEI MC 648
1855 W. Taylor Street
T 312-996-6540
Mile Square Health Center Pharmacy

1220 S. Wood Street
T 312-413-1767
Oncology Clinic Pharmacy
1411 OCC MC 821
1801 W. Taylor St.
T 312-996-6985
Dermatology Clinic Pharmacy
3402 OCC MC 620
1801 W. Taylor St.
T 312-996-8675
University Village Pharmacy
Suite 205 MC 184,
722 W. Maxwell St. Chicago IL 60607
T 312-355-2345
Outpatient Care Center Pharmacy
3B OCC MC 884
1801 W. Taylor St.
T 312-996-9058
Wood Street Pharmacy
163 CSB MC 884
840 S. Wood St.
T 312-996-6887
Medication Assistance Program
164 CSB MC 884
T 312-996-0583
Medication Therapy Management Clinic (MTMC)
3B OCC MC 884
T 312-996-9058
Antithrombosis Clinic
3-C OCC, MC 722
T 312-355-0117
Specialty Pharmacy Services
163 CSB MC 884
T 312-996-5224
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Jeanne M. Ryan
CSB MC 884
T 312-355-2907
F 312-355-1916
Phonebook Contact Person
Monica L Carney
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-3174
F 312-996-8859
Phonebook Contact Person
Sheryl Wilder
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-0322
F 312-413-3539
Phonebook Contact Person
Annette T Garcia
345 CSB MC 884
T 312-355-0734
F 312-355-1916
Phonebook Contact Person
Lorna Haubrich
161 PHARM MC 874
T 312-355-1924
F 312-996-3272
REACH Contact
Barry D White
180A - ITU PHARM MC 874
T 312-996-4682
F 312-413-0497
See Also
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