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PRACTICE, Policy and Partnerships

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MC 802
845 S. Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60612
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Institute For Healthcare Innovation
10th Floor NURS MC 802
845 S. Damen Ave. Chicago IL 60612
Home Page
F 312-996-3512
Associate Dean for Practice, Policy, and Partnerships
1006 NURS MC 802
T 312-996-7115
Director of Nurse Managed Clinics
1022 MC 802
T 312-996-9354
Administrative Assistant
LaDawn Thomas
1008 MC 802
T 312-413-7320
Director of Policy & Practice Initiatives
Cheryl D Schraeder
T 217-586-6039
Quality Director
Diane Cesarone
1018 NURS MC 802
T 312-996-4299
Human Resources Associate
Bryce D Griffin
1009 MC 802
T 312-355-3261
Administrative Aide
T 312-413-2888
Coordinator, Office of Continuing Studies
T 312-355-4431
Director Provider Practice for Integrated Healthcare
T 312-996-7663
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Nita Lecrone
T 312-996-7782
Phonebook Contact Person
LaDawn Thomas
1008 NURS MC 802

101 MCA MC 973
T 312-413-5258
T 312-413-7320
Jenn Samples
550 NURS MC 802
T 312-355-2485
Gina L Galante

600 MAB MC 078
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