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ACADEMIC PROGRAMS, College of Nursing Office of

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507 NURS MC 802
845 South Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60612
Department Roster
Fax 312-996-8066
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Catherine Vincent
506 NURS
T 312-413-1505
Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Kimberly Katrice White
508 NURS
T 312-355-1667
Clinical Placement Coordinator
525 NURS
T 312-355-3450
Director of Academic Services
Lori Brown
560 NURS
T 312-996-9229
Associate Director of Academic Operations
Erika Boyko
523 NURS
T 312-996-7624
Academic Services Coordinator
Laura J Sexton
526 NURS
T 312-355-2793
Registration & Records Coordinator
Tiara R Beecham
524 NURS
T 312-996-6747
Director of Student Services
Clare Delaney
558 NURS
T 312-413-2852
Admission and Records Supervisor
Jon Reyes
523 NURS
T 312-996-5493
Associate Director of Advising and Career Development
Tula Georgopoulos
520 NURS
T 312-355-2013
Assistant Director of Recruitment
Michael Behlke
516 NURS
T 312-996-9645
Assistant Director of Student Services & Advising
Heather Sadilek
522 NURS
T 312-413-4911
Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment & Engagement
Kiaya Perry
514 NURS
T 312-413-4550
Assistant Director for Urban Health Program
Charese Jackson
518 NURS
T 312-996-0810
Director of the PhD Program
Colleen Corte
906 NURS
T 312-996-7025
Director of the DNP Program
Lauren Jeanne Diegel-Vacek
760 NURS
T 312-413-5749
Director of the Pre-licensure-BSN & Masters Degree Programs
Maripat King
738 NURS
T 312-413-7340
Director of Clinical Resource Learning Center
Susan Kilroy
510 NURS
T 312-996-5786
Simulation Lab Coordinator
Myralyn Ortiz
T 312-413-0335
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Nita Lecrone
T 312-996-7782
Phonebook Contact Person
Kimberly Katrice White
508 NURS MC 802

446 CMW MC 682
T 312-355-1667
T 312-996-7018
Phonebook Contact Person
Lori Brown
560 NURS MC 802
T 312-996-9229
F 312-996-8066
Jonathan Richard Samples
550 NURS MC 802
T 312-355-2485
Gina L Galante

600 MAB MC 078
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