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Also known as ECE

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851 S. Morgan Street Chicago IL 60607
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General Information
1020 SEO MC 154
T 312-996-3423
Department Head
Rashid Ansari
1027 SEO
T 312-996-5489
Director of Graduate Studies
Milos Zefran
1041 SEO MC 154
T 312-996-6495
Director of Undergradute Studies
Natasha Devroye
1039 SEO MC 154
T 312-996-1013
Director of Human Resources & Assistant to the Department Head
1025 SEO MC 154
T 312-413-1391
Director of Departmental Business Affairs
Mona Hurt
920 SEO
T 312-996-2618
Grants & Contract Associate
Marilyn F Jurlow
920 SEO MC 154
T 312-996-5829
Director of Student Affairs
Agustina Alvarado
1020 SEO
T 312-996-4325
Student Affairs Graduate Coordinator
1020 SEO
T 312-413-2291
Main Office Coordinator
Evelyn Reyes
1020 SEO MC 154
851 South Morgan Street Chicago IL 60607
T 312-355-1312
Electronics Instructional Laboratory
Harold Sosa
3260 SELE
T 312-996-8543
Electronics Engineer
3007 ERF MC 154
T 312-996-3190
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Mona Hurt
920 SEO MC 154
T 312-996-2618
F 312-996-6465
Phonebook Contact Person
Ronald Fernandez
1075A ERF MC 251
T 312-996-0673
REACH Contact
Philip Beltran
1125 SEO MC 152
T 312-355-2419
REACH Contact
Mitra Dutta
934 SEO MC 154

525 750 MC 472
T 312-355-2131
T 312-996-6435
REACH Contact
Milos Zefran
1041 SEO MC 154
T 312-996-6495
F 312-996-6465
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