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ADMINISTRATION, Cardiovascular

Banner Dept: 2-987005

SL Administrator
T 312-355-2005
Information Services Supervisor
T 312-355-1679
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Willie L Bryant
Suite 2134 EEI MC 695
T 312-355-5047
F 312-355-4255
Phonebook Contact Person
Sandra Giovana Calderon
380, CU2 UIH MC 807
1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608
T 312-413-4673
Phonebook Contact Person
Maria E Rangel
C250 UIH MC 695
T 312-355-5046
F 312-355-4020
Phonebook Contact Person
Gloria Earlisha Young
380 WROB MC 807
T 312-996-3211 X63211
Phonebook Contact Person
Tareg M Qtami
360-CU3 WROB MC 807
1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608
T 312-996-8186
Phonebook Contact Person
Jannifer Santos
109 HRB MC 862
T 312-996-3505
F 312-413-1190
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Hospital, University of Illinois


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