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Also known as UPAY

Banner Dept: 9-698000

210 MC 660
1817 S. Neil Street, Illini Plaza Building Champaign IL 61820
Department Home Page
UPAY - Who To Ask
Home Page
Customer Services
T 888-872-9953
Card Services
T 888-872-9953
Payment Action Request Forms
Program/Travel Advance Inquires
T 888-872-9953
F 217-239-6948
Special Payment Request Forms
T 888-872-9953
TEM Resource Page
Home Page
Travel Management Office (TMO)
T 888-872-9953
Vendor Maintenance
F 888-872-9953
Jim Martinie, Senior Director
T 217-333-8375
F 217-239-6921
Susie Baker, Associate Director of Payment Operations
T 217-333-6401
F 217-239-6946
Darren Strater, Associate Director of Support Services
T 217-244-3139
F 217-239-6947
Frank Alexander, Assistant Director of Support Services
T 217-300-2125
Kandra Miller, Assistant Director of Support Services
T 217-333-2224
Melissa Plotner, Assistant Director of Payment Operations
T 217-333-9095
Bobbie Pittman, Office Support Specialist
T 217-333-8375
Kathy Tuggle, Administrative Assistant
T 217-333-5976
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Nancy Saysavanh
600 MAB MC 078
T 312-585-9064
Phonebook Contact Person
Gracie Pena
600 MAB MC 078
T 312-413-2947


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