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1603 W Taylor Chicago IL 60612-4394
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Fax 312-996-5356
Lisa M Powell
777 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-413-3544
F 312-996-5356
Business Manager
Susan C Lynch
745 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-3552
F 312-355-1518
Academic Coordinator
Aimee Wiebel
778A SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-7816
F 312-996-5356
Projects Coordinator
Kevin William Hogan
747 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-413-8982
F 312-996-5356
Academic Recruitment Alumni Services Career Coordinator
Cherie Michelle Weinewuth
779 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-3851
F 312-996-5356
Student Coordinator
Joyce Latrice Elam
766 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-7816
F 312-413-0800
Online Education Program Coordinator
Rocelia Viramontes
782 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-413-3760
F 312-996-5356
Phonebook Contact Person
Susan C Lynch
335 MCA MC 595
914 S. Wood St.
745 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-3552
T 312-413-5429
F 312-355-1518
REACH Contact
Christopher M. Hollenbeck
1049 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-2096
REACH Contact
Edward K Mensah
759 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-3001
F 312-996-5356
REACH Contact
Edward A Garay
128 BGRC MC 135
T 312-996-0188
F 312-996-6834
REACH Contact
Portia K White
1108 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-1605
F 312-996-1374
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