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Also known as COIP

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862 SPHPI MC 923
1603 West Taylor Street Chicago IL 60612
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Department Roster
Fax 312-996-1450
Main Office
862 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-5523
Antonio D Jimenez
851 SPHPI MC 923
Research Director
Lawrence J Ouellet
855 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-0145
Operations Director
Maria L Nava
852 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-413-3210
Senior Research Analyst
Mary Ellen Mackesy-Amiti
857 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-4892
Business Manager/Grants & Contracts Specialist
Grants and Contracts Consultant
849 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-4680
F 312-413-3666
Human Resource Liaison
LaDonna T Phillips
853 SPHPI MC 923
1603 West Taylor Chicago IL 60612
T 312-355-3094
Business Assistant
Katrina Vinola Percy
T 312-355-3995
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Deborah Eison
1124 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-6684
F 312-996-1374
Phonebook Contact Person
LaDonna T Phillips
853 SPHPI MC 923

4407 N. Broadway
T 312-355-3094
F 312-996-1450
REACH Contact
Portia K White
884 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-1605
F 312-996-1374
REACH Contact
Christopher M. Hollenbeck
883 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-2096
Norman Altman
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Public Health, School of


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