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ADMINISTRATION, School of Public Health

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1603 W Taylor Chicago IL 60612-4394
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-996-1374
Building Reception
Jose S Alvarez
T 312-413-2012
F 312-413-2877
General Information
Tonga L Alexander
1111 SPHPI
T 312-996-6620
Wayne Giles
1175 SPHPI
T 312-996-5939
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Antoniah Lewis-Reese
1175 SPHPI
T 312-355-4265
Senior Associate Dean
Linda S Forst
1149 SPHPI MC 923
1603 W Taylor Street Chicago IL 60612
T 312-996-9489
F 312-413-1374
Associate Dean for Research
David Dubois
1181 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-413-3564
Director for Research Services
Julie C Kong
1154 SPHPI
T 312-413-8508
Associate Dean, Administration
Thomas Warfield
1155 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-7501
Director of SPH Finance & Administration
Kimberly A Miller
1156 SPHPI
T 312-413-1682
Director of Information Technology
H. Frank Frank Cervone
1051 SPHPI
T 312-996-3891
Director of Human Resources
Deborah Eison
1124 SPHPI
T 312-996-6684
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
John Tee Slavick
T 312-355-1566
F 312-413-4300
Associate Director, SPH Career Services
Elizabeth Herrera
T 312-413-9126
F 312-413-4300
Associate Director, Records & Registration
Linda Inez Johnson
T 312-996-3447
F 312-413-4300
Assistant Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Brandon Ryan Sieglaff
T 312-996-6628
F 312-413-4300
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Susan Altfeld
1159 SPHPI
T 312-996-5381
Senior Associate Director, Global Health Programs
Alyson Lofthouse
1158 SPHPI
T 312-355-2536
Academic Program Manager
Sharyn Kaye Dyer
1110 SPHPI
T 312-355-3589
Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion
Nadine Peacock
1185 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-1760
Assistant Dean for Advancement
Katherine E Oberhausen
1189 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-4501
Director of Donor Relations
Sara Marie Giloth
1178 SPHPI
T 312-996-2139
Director of Development
Director of Marketing and Communications
Robert Anthony Schroeder
1188 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-4022
F 312-996-1374
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Deborah Eison
1124 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-6684
F 312-996-1374
REACH Contact
Portia K White
1108 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-1605
F 312-996-1374
REACH Contact
H. Frank Frank Cervone
1051 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-996-3891
F 312-996-1374
REACH Contact
Christopher M. Hollenbeck
1049 SPHPI MC 923
T 312-355-2096
REACH Contact
Colleen Monahan
1068 SPHPI MC 923
1603 W Taylor St, 10th floor Chicago IL 60612
T 312-515-1360 XCellphone
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