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POLICE, University


Banner Dept: 2-957000

943 W. Maxwell St. (MC 268) Chicago IL 60608-1563
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-2617
Emergency Telephone Number
T 312-355-5555
Nonemergency Police Dispatch
T 312-996-2830
TDD 312-413-9323
Alarm Desk
T 312-996-1212
Police Administration
T 312-355-3532
Chief of Police
Kevin L Booker
T 312-996-2899
Assistant to the Chief of Police
Cynovia Potts
T 312-413-7746
Captain of Operations
Stanley D Grice
T 312-413-2428
Captain of Medical Complex Operations
Eric O Hersey
T 312-355-5575
Captain of Support Operations
Jason Huertas
T 312-355-3236
Lieutenant, Field Operations - Patrol
T 312-355-0710
Lieutenant, Special Operations - Investigations
T 312-996-3717
Community Relations (P.A.C.E.)
T 312-996-6779
Human Resources Specialist
Kristin N Thomas
T 312-355-0724
Property Control
Amanda Arney
T 312-996-8235
Vehicle Inquiries
Miguel Cortez
T 312-413-1021
Building Access Cordinator

Crime Statistics
Tiffany M Ruiz
T 312-996-9578
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Michael Adam Yates
107 PPB MC 270
Phonebook Contact Person
Kristin N Thomas
228 PS MC 268
T 312-355-0724
F 312-413-4907
REACH Contact
Alex Esparza
107E PPB MC 270
REACH Contact
Ricky Thunell
PPB MC 270
REACH Contact
Sandeep M Dath
107 PPB MC 270
T 312-355-1005
Guillermo Villanueva
107 PPB MC 270
T 312-996-4872


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