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RADIOLOGY - CS, Department of

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2483 MC 931
1740 W. Taylor St. Chicago IL 60612
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-996-0233
Fax 312-355-2098
Acting Department Head
T 312-996-0235 X60235
Assistant to the Head for Business and Operations
Kunal A Vora
2418 UIH MC 931
T 312-355-5258
Residency Coordinator
Rachel Catherine Marks
2510 UIH MC 931
T 312-996-0011
F 312-413-8296
Residency Program Director
Ejaz Shamim
2511 UIH MC 931
1740 W. Taylor St Chicago IL 60612
T 312-996-0235
F 312-413-8296
Information, Registration, Scheduling
T 312-413-4900
Diagnostic Section


Information, Registration
2400 UIH
T 312-996-0277
Angiography Procedures
2462 UIH
T 312-996-0241
Consulting Radiologist
2400 UIH
T 312-996-0268
Film Files
2402 UIH
T 312-996-7698
Technical Supervisor (General Diagnostic)
2400 UIH
T 312-996-0258
Ultrasound Scheduling
2461 UIH
T 312-413-4900
Computed Tomography Scheduling
2400 UIH
T 312-413-4900

2430 UIH
T 312-996-0238
2C OCC MC 931
T 312-996-0267
Nuclear Medicine Section
F 312-996-0511
Medical Director
2500 UIH
T 312-996-3965
Radiation Oncology Section
Medical Director
C200 UIH
T 312-996-3630
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Kunal A Vora
2510 UIH MC 931
T 312-355-5258
F 312-413-8296
Phonebook Contact Person
Kiara Goodrich
2511 UIH MC 931
T 312-996-8143
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