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359 DENT MC 555
801 S. Paulina St. Chicago IL 60612
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Department Roster
Fax 312-996-3535
Clinical Professor & Interim Head, Restorative Department
Lee Jameson
359 DENT MC 555
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-996-2669
Director, Advanced Prosthodontics Program
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-413-1181
Home Page
Co-Director, Advanced Prosthodontic Program
Rand F Harlow
337A DENT MC 555
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-413-2837
Director, Prosthodontics Clinic
Stephanie Clarke
361NB DENT MC 555
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-996-9076
F 312-996-3535
Director, Pre-Doctoral Implant Program
Judy Chia-Chun Yuan
351C DENT MC 555
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-355-4027
Program Assistant
T 312-996-2669
Prosthodontics Clinic Front Desk
361 DENT MC 555
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-996-9223
Home Page
Implant & Innovation Center
361 DENT
Chicago IL 60612
T 312-996-3145
Dental Clinics: Bach, Brahms, Gershwin & Mozart
801 S. Paulina Street Chicao IL 60612
T 312-355-3368
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Irma Butler
T 312-996-2094 X6-2094
Phonebook Contact Person
Leticia R Sanchez
MC 621
801 S. Paulina
T 312-996-1019
Phonebook Contact Person
Rachel Patel
502D DENT MC 621
T 312-996-9043
F 312-996-9754
Phonebook Contact Person
Jordan Caprice Ross
112 CMWT

502E DENT MC 621
T 312-355-5228
T 312-996-2450
F 312-996-9754
REACH Contact
Vinay Arun Surpuriya
504D DENT MC 621
T 312-413-3437
REACH Contact
Troy Jones
530C DENT MC 621
T 312-996-1311
REACH Contact
Michael Martin
504C DENT MC 621
T 312-996-5512
F 312-996-9754
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