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PHARMACY, Hospital

Banner Dept: 2-987020

C300 UIH MC 883,
1740 W. Taylor St. Chicago IL 60612
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-4146
Pharmacy Office
C300 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-3664
T 312-996-3663
Director of Pharmacy
Andrew J Donnelly
C310 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-3671
Associate Director, Clinical Services
John Garofalo
C303 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-7678
Assistant Director, Administration
Linda Grider
C309 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-3667
Assistant Director, Specialty and Support Services
Matthew George Gimbar
C304 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-4270
Associate Director, Safety & Quality
Connie Marie Larson
C306 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-3669
Associate Director, Medication Use Policy
Jamie L. Paek
C302 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-5666
Drug Diversion Coordinator
C302 UIH MC 883
Manager, Investigational Drugs Service
Michael J Pacini
C305 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-4541
Assistant to Hospital Pharmacy Administration
Sheri Lynn Wylie-Buergel
C300-B UIH MC 883
T 312-996-9761
Drug Information
T 312-996-3681
Central Pharmacy
T 312-413-5393
T 312-996-3674
OR Pharmacy
T 312-996-4454
5th Floor Satellite
T 312-996-4275
6th Floor Satellite
T 312-996-9881
7th Floor Satellite
T 312-996-6203
Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
T 312-996-2242 X9181
Ambulatory Care Pharmacies
345 CSB MC 884
Outpatient Pharmacy
163 CSB MC 884
T 312-996-6887
Eye and Ear Infirmary Pharmacy
1071 EEI MC 648
T 312-996-6540
Oncology Pharmacy
1411 OCC MC 821/620
T 312-996-6985
Dermatology Pharmacy
3402 OCC MC 620
T 312-996-8675
Mile Square Pharmacy
102 MSCHW MC 698,
2045 W. Washington Blvd.
T 312-413-1767
University Village Pharmacy
Suite 205 MC 184,
722 W. Maxwell St. Chicago IL 60607
T 312-355-2345
Outpatient Care Center Pharmacy
3B OCC MC 884
T 312-996-9058
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Sheri Lynn Wylie-Buergel
C-300 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-9761
F 312-413-4146
Phonebook Contact Person
Colleen Monahan
1068 SPHPI MC 923
1603 W Taylor St, 10th floor Chicago IL 60612
T 312-515-1360 XCellphone
Phonebook Contact Person
Janet P Engle
166A PHARM MC 886
T 312-996-6212
F 312-996-0379
Phonebook Contact Person
Ashly Adriana Orama
380 CU2 WROB MC 807

1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608
T 312-355-1596
F 312-996-8081
Phonebook Contact Person
Sandra Giovana Calderon
380, CU2 UIH MC 807
1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608
T 312-413-4673
Phonebook Contact Person
Tareg M Qtami
360-CU3 WROB MC 807
1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608
T 312-996-8186
Phonebook Contact Person
Jerome Monegan
REACH Contact
Sheri Lynn Wylie-Buergel
C-300 UIH MC 883
T 312-996-9761
F 312-413-4146
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