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3F OCC MC 741
1801 W. Taylor St. Chicago IL 60612
Department Roster
General Information
T 312-355-4300
F 312-413-1206
Medical Director
William J Ennis
T 312-996-8459
Director, Physician Practice
T 312-996-6863
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Brandi N Nurse
Room 113; CSB MC 510
T 312-996-7157
T 312-355-1128 X51128
Phonebook Contact Person
Ashly Adriana Orama
380 CU2 WROB MC 807

1747 W. Roosevelt Road Chicago IL 60608
T 312-355-1596
F 312-996-8081
See Also
Hospital, University of Illinois
Administration, Ambulatory Services


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