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2402 UH MC 294
601 S. Morgan, Chicago IL 60607-7125
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Department Head and Professor
Siddhartha Bhattacharyya
2408 UH
T 312-996-8794
Customer Service Specialist
Arnita Renee Bryant
2402 UH
T 312-996-2675
Administrative Aide
Andrew S Dennewitz
2412 UH MC 294
T 312-413-3245
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Mayra Urbina
220 750 MC 071
T 312-355-6989 X5-6989
Phonebook Contact Person
Maria A. Robinson
220 750 MC 071
T 312-355-3253
Phonebook Contact Person
Ashley Sefcik
220 750 MC 071
T 312-413-5704
Phonebook Contact Person
Edita Diorio
2109 UH MC 075
T 312-996-2388
REACH Contact
Ashok Bennett
2607 UH MC 075
T 312-996-1226
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Business Administration, College of


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