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ART HISTORY, Department of

Also known as ARCHITECTURE AND ART, History of

Banner Dept: 2-910000

106 JH MC 201
929 W. Harrison Chicago IL 60607
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-2333
Martha Pollak
310A HH MC 201
T 312-413-2465
Director of Graduate Studies
Catherine Becker
211A HH MC 201
T 312-996-5975
Director of Museum & Exhibition Studies
Therese Maura Quinn
206 HH MC 201
T 312-413-2463
Program Coordinator MUSE
Anthony Stepter
123 JH MC 201
T 312-996-0237
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Dina L Taylor
T 312-413-2963
Phonebook Contact Person
Dragan Krstic
Phonebook Contact Person
Tenesha Edwards
106 JH MC 201
T 312-996-3433
REACH Contact
Jahnvi Patel
Jahnvi Patel
Krishna Chandu


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