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1308 UH MC 288
601 S. Morgan Street Chicago IL 60607
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1308 UH MC 288
601 S. Morgan St. Chicago IL 60607
T 312-996-3456
F 312-996-3754
Senior Executive Director for Public Affairs, Interim Vice Chancellor for Strategic Marketing and Communications
Sherri McGinnis Gonzalez
T 312-996-2398
Associate Director
Carlos Sadovi
1307 UH
T 312-355-2491
Associate Director
Brian M. Flood
1325 UH
T 312-996-7681
Associate Director
Jeffron D Boynes
1309 UH
T 312-413-8702
Associate Editor
Christy M Levy
1320 UH
T 312-996-0662
Director of Health Sciences and Research Communications
Jacqueline Michelle Carey
214 MCA
T 312-996-8277
Associate Director, Health Sciences Communications
Lori Botterman
213 MCA
T 312-413-2695
Associate Director, Digital Communications
Debra S Hale
1313 UH
T 312-413-3648
Freedom of Information Act Officer
Jenny Fontaine
1312 UH
T 312-996-2216
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Sarah Marie Tapper
2833 UH MC 102
T 312-355-0420
F 312-413-3393
Phonebook Contact Person
Judith Meza Vazquez
1301 UH MC 288
T 312-996-8165
F 312-413-0019
REACH Contact
Judith Meza Vazquez
1301 UH MC 288
T 312-996-8165
F 312-413-0019
Kimberly J Charles
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Strategic Marketing & Communications


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