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2095 ERF MC 246
842 W. Taylor Street Chicago IL 60607-7021
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-996-2426
Department Head
Abolfazl Mohammadian
2093 ERF MC 246
T 312-996-9840
Director, Graduate Studies
Amid Khodadoust
2085 ERF MC 246
T 312-996-3435
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Hossein Ataei
3091 ERF MC 246
T 312-413-7941
Associate Director of Business & HR Affairs
Mary Ann Borjal
2067 ERF MC 246
T 312-355-0705
Graduate Program Coordinator
Sara Alicia Arevalo
2069 ERF MC 246
T 312-996-3411
Undergraduate Program Coordinator & Assistant to the Head
Anne Kowalski
2095 ERF MC 246
T 312-355-4243
Technical Service Supervisor
Kassem Zeeb Saad
1258 SELE MC 246
T 312-996-3291
Research Facilities
MC 130

Computerized Welding Laboratory

Concrete Research Laboratory
Professor Mohsen Issa
1049 SELE
T 312-996-8589
Corrosion Laboratory
Professor Michael McNallan
3068 ERF
T 312-413-7588
Fracture Mechanics and Materials Durability Laboratory
Professor Alexander Chudnovsky
1268 SELE
T 312-996-4797
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Professor Krishna Reddy
1227 SELE
T 312-996-5165
Materials Science Laboratory
Professor J. Ernesto Indacochea
3119 SES
T 312-355-1761
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Ronald Fernandez
1075A ERF MC 251
T 312-996-0673
Phonebook Contact Person
Raymond A. Matthes
1075 ERF MC 251
T 312-996-0672
Phonebook Contact Person
Mary Ann Borjal
2067B ERF MC 246
T 312-355-0705
REACH Contact
Kassem Zeeb Saad
1258B SELE MC 246
T 312-996-3291
F 312-996-2426
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