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ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, and the Arts Administration

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303 JH MC 033
929 W. Harrison Chicago IL 60607-7038
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-355-1793
Main line
T 312-996-9491
Rebecca Rugg
303 JH MC 033
T 312-996-2006
Dean's Assistant
Julie Duignan
303 JH MC 033
T 312-996-2006
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Judith De Jong
T 312-996-0929
Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Cheryl Towler Weese
T 312-996-9546
Assistant Dean for Administration
Dina L Taylor
306C JH
T 312-413-2963
Business Manager
Cecilia Flores
300 JH
T 312-996-4658
Facilities Manager
Daniel Scott Viger
DevOps Engineer
Jahnvi Patel
Director of Human Resources - College of Architecture, Design and the Arts
Dragan Krstic
T 312-355-3058
Associate Dean for Physical Resources and Planning
Stewart Roger Hicks
T 312-996-2006
303 JH MC 033
929 W. Harrison Chicago IL 60607
Home Page
Visiting Assistant Dean for Advancement
T 312-996-4714
Student Affairs
Home Page
F 312-355-1793
General Information
T 312-996-3351
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Thomas P. Moss
208 JH MC 033
T 312-996-3351
Executive Director of Student Affairs
Elizabeth Salvi
208 JH
T 312-996-3351
Academic Advisor for the School of Art & Art History
Amanda Gabriella Grant
T 312-355-0979
Academic Advisor for the School of Design
Academic Advisor for the School of Architecture
Maria J Tolbert-Ross
T 312-413-1575
Academic Advisor for the School of Music & Theatre
Lisa Weisi Tang
Academic Advisor
T 312-996-3351
College Recruiter
Evelyn Belle Gaynor
T 312-355-3571
T 312-413-9427
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Dina L Taylor
T 312-413-2963
Phonebook Contact Person
Dragan Krstic
REACH Contact
Jahnvi Patel
Jahnvi Patel
Daniel Scott Viger
303 JH MC 033
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Architecture, Design, and the Arts, College of


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