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3100 ADS MC 030
845 W. Harrison Chicago IL 60607-7024
Department Home Page
Department Roster
Fax 312-413-4488
General Information
T 312-996-3335
F 312-413-4488
Robert E Somol
T 312-996-3335
Associate Director
David P Brown
T 312-996-3335
Assistant Director
Adriann N Anderson
T 312-996-5696
Graduate Academic Advisor
Gwen Fullenkamp
T 312-996-7803
Instructional Laboratory Specialist, Print Lab
T 312-996-2848
Instructional Laboratory Specialist, Fabrication Lab
Nathan Aldredge
T 312-413-1581
Project Lab
Senior Instructional Laboratory Specialist
Nicholas Rummler
T 312-355-4865
Instructional Laboratory Specialist
Natalie Murray
T 312-355-4865
Department Liaisons
Phonebook Contact Person
Adriann N Anderson
T 312-996-5696
Phonebook Contact Person
Jessie Morris-Forristall
303 JH MC 033
T 312-355-3048
REACH Contact
Sarah Ritch
T 312-355-3273
Siddharth Neeraj Sinha
Adriann N Anderson
T 312-996-5696
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Architecture, Design, and the Arts, College of


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