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CHEMISTRY, Department of

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4500 SES MC 111
845 W. Taylor Chicago IL 60607-7061
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Fax 312-996-0431
General Information
4500 SES
T 312-996-3161
Liberal Arts and Sciences Science Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor of Chemical Biology and Head
Wonhwa Cho
4508 SES
T 312-413-3161
Assistant to the Head
Silvia Victoria Solis-Antilaf
4505 SES
T 312-413-2453
Director of Graduate Studies
Duncan J Wardrop
4446 SES MC 111
T 312-355-1035
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Preston T. Snee
4176 SES MC 111
T 312-413-2566
Graduate Coordinator
Rhonda R. Staudohar
4504 SES
T 312-996-8420
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Donald J Wink
4478 SES
T 312-996-3161
Director of General Chemistry
George A Papadantonakis
4506 SES
T 312-996-2790
Director of Undergraduate Laboratories
Loredana Camelia Huma
3037A SELW
T 312-996-2416
Undergraduate Coordinator
Jennifer L. Kazin
4503 SES
T 312-996-9590
Business Manager
Tanya Ray
4530 SES
T 312-413-2451
Director of Laboratories
Randall F Puchalski
4507 SES
T 312-996-5823
Phonebook Contact Person
Gildardo Camacho
526 UH MC 228
T 312-996-9596
Phonebook Contact Person
Rhonda R. Staudohar
4504 SES MC 111
T 312-996-3161
F 312-996-0431
REACH Contact
Donald L Rippon
5304 SES MC 111
T 312-996-2252
Margaret M Shortall
4500 SES MC 111
T 312-996-3161
F 312-996-0431
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