UIC NetID Activation

Are you a new UIC employee? You will create your NetID and password in UI New Hire.

Welcome to UIC! Once you activate your UIC NetID and password, you will use these credentials to access most University of Illinois resources (e.g., university email, Blackboard, UIC-WiFi, Student Registration & Records, Financial Aid, and many other university services).

Your new NetID is a unique identifier assigned to you and serves as your username when logging in to university services. It also becomes part of your UIC email address (NetID@uic.edu).

A secure and well-managed password is key to protecting your access to University of Illinois resources. The activation process includes setting up password recovery options for self-service management so that you will be prepared, in advance, if you need to recover your password.

Identity Verification

The 9-digit number found on your i-card or in communications from UIC's Admissions Office or sponsoring department.
The 8-digit number received from UIC's Admissions Office or sponsoring department.

Policy Compliance

Please review the UIC Acceptable Use of Computational Resources Policy and then indicate your acceptance in the checkbox below.