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Connecting With X Windows

X Windows at UIC

X Windows is client/server software, but contrary to the more common use of the "client/server" concept, the X server is the part of the X Windows client/server system that you run on your local machine; the X Windows applications software packages that you run remotely are the X Windows clients.

To use an X server with an networked X client application (such as one running on an ACCC UNIX machine), you'll need a connection to the UIC campus network. While some X servers can be configured to be used with dialin connections, you will probably find X Windows over the telephone to be too slow. X servers communicate with TCP/IP protocols, which is included in all modern personal computer operating systems.

The ACCC has a site license for the Exceed X server for Windows 3.x, Windows NT, and Windows 9x, Windows 2000, and OS/2:

EXceed is available:

The Windows personal computers in the ACCC public labs have eXceed installed, set up for use with the ACCC UNIX workstations (currently icarus, tigger, and borg) -- just double-click on the X Windows icon in the main menu.

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(Rice University's Introduction to the UNIX Operating System [PDF] is good too.)

There are a number of X Windows client software packages on the ACCC public UNIX workstations; for a list, see:

  • Software Available on icarus: X Windows Programs
  • Software Available on tigger: X Windows Programs
  • Software Available on borg: X Windows Programs

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