"We teach... but do we help our students learn?"

The University of Illinois College of Medicine's Academy for Excellence in Teaching (AET) was founded in September 1996, with a mission to promote scholarship and distinction among those who teach in the basic and clinical sciences. The Academy for Excellence in Teaching was instrumental in College-wide initiatives to foster faculty portfolios, modifications in the establishment of academic tracks and ranks to include an emphasis in teaching within research tracks as well as in clinical teaching tracks.


Speak Up! Taking Advantage of the Audience Response System to Engage Students

April 15, 2010
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Room 2175- College of Medicine Research Building

Featured Presenter:

Amy Lin, MD

Assistant Professor
Departments of Pathology and Ophthalmology

The standard lecture format is an "easy" method of teaching and learning in the large group setting where the teacher prepares and delivers content, and students listen and passively learn. This program will describe how making use of the audience response system enables students to be a driver of the learning experience rather than a passenger. Participants will have the hands-on opportunity to start familiarizing themselves with the audience response system by using it.

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Today the Academy's purposes include:

Providing a platform for the continuous recognition of excellence in teaching
Stimulating interest and visibility in teaching
Providing a college-wide network for mutual support
Developing a pool of knowledge, skills, and innovation in teaching/learning, as well as
Providing collaboration and assistance for research projects.

These items reflect, not only the essential purpose of the Academy but are representative of the strategic place AET holds within the University and the College of Medicine.

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