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An academy dedicated to the promulgation of excellence and scholarship in teaching.

The membership includes all Golden Apple Award winners, other COM and UIC teaching award winners, the Scholars for Excellence in Teaching, and other interested faculty.

Its purposes include providing a platform for the continuous recognition of excellence in teaching; stimulating interest and visibility in teaching; providing a college wide network for mutual support, mentoring of junior faculty, informal consultation; development of a pool of knowledge, skills, and innovation in teaching/learning; and providing collaboration and assistance for research projects.

The Academy is a Chicago-based initiative. Faculty at other campuses, including the Scholars for Excellence in Teaching from Rockford, are invited to attend Chicago activities; and are encouraged to form their own chapters.

The focus is teaching excellence. As a change agent, the Academy endeavors to make teaching/learning more significant and scholarly. The group is chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Affairs, and managed by a Steering Committee of faculty who are members of the group. Coordination and support comes from the UGME office. The group meets quarterly to share information, develop projects and ideas, and provide the opportunity for the development of research and special interest groups. In addition, the Academy hosts special events such as workshops and other activities designed to promote excellence in teaching.


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