The UIC College of Medicine Mentoring Program is intended to be a useful way to help faculty members excel in their academic environment. Assistance from a well-respected mentor can be an invaluable supplement to the guidance and assistance that a department chair provides during the early years of a faculty member's career. The program's success will depend on the faculty mentees, their mentors, the facilitators, and the department chairs all taking an active role in the acclimation process.

With the help of a departmental mentoring facilitator, all tenure-track and non-tenured Assistant Professors in the College of Medicine holding appointment at greater than 50% effort will be matched with a mentor. The most important tasks of a good mentor are to help the mentee achieve academic excellence. Although the role of mentor is an informal one, it poses a challenge and requires dedication and time. A good relationship with a supportive, active mentor has been shown to contribute significantly to a mentee's career development and satisfaction.



UIC COM Mentorship Program Overview

Mentorship Training Program Overview
(powerpoint presentation made at 4/4/13 mentoring facilitators meeting)

List of Departmental Mentoring Facilitators (Chicago)

Criteria and Guidelines for the Appointment and Promotion of Faculty at the University of Illinois College of Medicine

Campus Faculty Mentoring Policy

Faculty Tracks Overview

College-Level Norms

Probationary Timeline (tenure-track faculty)

Mid-Probationary Review (tenure-track faculty)


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