Drug Information Center

College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Extern Position


Assist the Drug Information Group Supervisor and Drug Information Specialists in retrieving, maintaining, and distributing information to health professionals and consumers.


Students will work under the direct supervision of Heather Ipema, PharmD, BCPS.




I.        Article retrieval responsibilities include:

    • Retrieving articles necessary to answer drug information questions or to fulfill requests for articles from the faculty of the Drug Information Group


II. Data entry responsibilities include:

    • Accurately entering and maintaining drug information requests into the online Drug Information Request Database


III.     Filing responsibilities include:

    • Replacing pulled file folders and/or pulled articles into the appropriate filing cabinet
    • Filing copies of articles that have been reviewed and classified
    • Filing away bound/loose journals and text books and logging in any new journal issues
    • Creating new files and purging older files as needed
    • Filing drug information request sheets into the appropriate binder


IV. Prior Authorization Group responsibilities include:

    • Sending Prior Authorization faxes, ensuring faxes were delivered, and shredding original documents once a fax has been received
    • Filing paper work, ensuring copier and fax machine are filled with paper, and shredding designated documents
    • Completing various projects assigned by the Prior Authorization faculty/staff


V. Illinois Mental Health responsibilities include:

    • Creating and/or updating interaction messages for the Illinois Mental Health database
    • Entering messages into the computer database and filing interaction messages
    • Assisting with requests from the Illinois Mental Health coordinators as needed


VI. Miscellaneous responsibilities include:

    • Copying drug information request sheets and maintaining an adequate supply at all times
    • Ensuring the printer and fax machine are always full of paper, staplers are full of staples, shredder and hole punch are empty, and computer workstations are clean and organized
    • Ordering and retrieving books, office supplies, and library copy cards
    • Completing quarterly reports for Cardinal and other clients as needed
    • Updating Facts and Comparisons, Drug Interaction Facts, and other references as required
    • Performing special faculty projects as assigned
    • Resolving any maintenance issues that arise throughout the Drug Information Group
    • Assisting with drug information requests at the discretion of the faculty