Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

College of Pharmacy

Graduate Program Requirements

Program Requirements:

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is one of the tracks of the Pharmacognosy Graduate Program.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree requirements include:

  • At least 26 semester hours of didactic courses, including required and elective courses
  • Completion of 3 research rotations in the laboratories affiliated with the Center
  • Preliminary examination
  • Completion of research dissertation
  • It is also expected, though not required, that the student have at least two papers either published in or accepted to a reputable journal

Required courses:

GCLS 501 

Biochemistry (3 credit hours)
GCLS 502
Molecular Biology (3 credit hours)

PMPG 522 & 523
Research Techniques in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
 I & II - Laboratory Rotations (3 credit hours)

GCLS 504/505Research Techniques in Biochemistry I and II
(at least 2 credit hours)

PMPG  510Research Techniques in Pharmacognosy (3 credit hours)

PMPG 507Drug Discovery, Design, and Development (3 credit hours)

    Elective courses:

Elective courses are chosen by the student in consultation with the research advisor

GCLS 503
Cell Biology and Physiology (4 credit hrs)
GCLS 504
Research Methods in Biochemistry I (1 credit hr)
MDCH 412
Pharmaceutical Applications of Genomics & Bioinformatics
(2 credit hrs)
MDCH 562
Spectroscopy (3 credit hrs)
BIOS 524
Molecular Biology I (3 credit hrs)
BIOE 480
Introduction to Bioinformatics
PMPG 513
Structure of Biopolymers (3 credit hrs)
MDCH 564
Physical Medicinal Chemistry (3 credit hrs)
MDCH 571
Organic Medicinal Chemistry (3 credit hrs)
MDCH 572
Drug Design (2 credit hours)
GCLS 505
Research Methods in Biochemistry II (1 credit hr)
GCLS 511
Molecular Genetics (3 credit hrs)
GCLS 510
Integrative Biology (3 credit hrs)
GCLS 515
Receptor Pharmacology and Cell Signaling (3 credit hrs)
BIOS 524
Molecular Biology II (3 credit hrs)

Other courses:
Students in the Pharmaceutical Biotechnology track are required to attend the departmental seminar (PMPG 595) and seminars of the Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

Preliminary examination:
During the spring of the second year, each student is required to take a preliminary examination.  Preliminary examinations are conducted in the form of a Research proposal defense.  The topic is to be approved by members of the examination committee.  A 10 - 15 page proposal is written in the NIH postdoctoral fellowship application format, and is submitted to the committee one month prior to the defense.

Pre-doctoral Application for a Fellowship:
All the students in the Biotech track should submit at least one application for an appropriate pre-doctoral fellowship.  This application can be based on the preliminary proposal or independent work.

Progress Committee:
All students in the Biotech track MUST meet annually with their progress committee.  The committee is composed of three or more faculty members, including the advisor, and may be equivalent (though does not have to) to the prelim and/or defense committee. The composition of the committee is to be decided by the student in consultation with the advisor and has to be approved by the track coordinator (Dr. Alexander Mankin) or the Director of Graduate Studies (Dr. Steven Swanson).  Students should meet with the progress committee during the month of September.  During the meeting with the committee, a student is expected to present a brief progress report and discuss the future plans.  After the meeting, the Progress Committee will write a brief paragraph summarizing the committee's assessment of the student's progress and recommendations for future work.  The statement is to be signed by the advisor and the student and will be kept in the student's file.