Institute for Tuberculosis Research

College of Pharmacy

  • Our Mission:
    To discover and develop new effective, low-cost therapeutics for the treatment of tuberculosis.

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ITR General Information:
Ms. Lorna Haubrich

Collaborative or contract TB research:
Dr. Scott Franzblau, Director

Medicinal Chemistry     Dr. Larry Klein
Natural Products      Dr. Guido Pauli
Molecular Biology      Dr. Sanghyun Cho
Microbiology/Pharmacology      Dr. Scott Franzblau

Institute for Tuberculosis Research (M/C 964)
College of Pharmacy, Rm 412
University of Illinois at Chicago
833 S. Wood St.
Chicago, Illinois USA 60612-7231
Tel: (312) 355-1715 or 355-1924
Fax: (312) 355-2693