Institute for Tuberculosis Research

College of Pharmacy

Graduate Students

Jialin Mao Jialin Mao, B.S., Graduated from Fudan University with her degree in Pharmacy. Jialin is synthesizing mefloquine analogs as well as transition state analogs for inhibition of the M. tuberculosis DXS, and performing the metabolism and pharmacokinetic study on the potent analogs in vitro and in vivo. Co-advisors are Alan Kozikowski and Scott Franzblau.
Nicole Freedman Nicole Freedman, B.S., Graduated from Loyola University with her degree in Biochemistry. Nicole is studying TB shikimate kinase dynamics by NMR as well as NMR and crystallographic characterization of inhibitors of this enzyme. Co-advisors are Andy Mesecar and Scott Franzblau.
Taylor Choi Taylor Choi , B.S., Graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Biochemistry background. Taylor optimizies carbazoles and carbolines for anti-TB activity via organic synthesis and bioassay.
ChangHwa Hwang Chang Hwa Hwang, B.S., Graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a biological sciences background. Chang is assisting Dr. Cho with analysis of protein expression in dormant TB. He focuses on the fermentor culture of M. tuberculosis and metabolome analysis.
Yang Song Yang Song, M.S., graduated from Peking Union Medical College with her degree in Pharmacognosy. Yang's research concentrates on the pharmacokinetic profile of TB drugs using HPLC-MS. Co-advisors are Richard B. van Breemen and Scott Franzblau.