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College of Pharmacy

Rohit Kolhatkar, Ph.D.

Rohit Kolhatkar, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutics

Contact Information
University of Illinois College of Pharmacy at Rockford
1601 Parkview Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61107,Room N302
Office:  (815) 395-5922
Lab Website:


Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences - Wayne State University - 2004

Publications (2007-2012)

Kolhatkar RB, Lota A, Khambati H. Active tumor targeting of nanomaterials using folic acid, transferring and integrin receptors. Current Drug Discovery Technology. 8(3) 197-206, 2011.

Borgman MP, Coleman T, Kolhatkar RB, Geyser-Stoops S, Line BR, Ghandehari H. Tumor targeted HPMA copolymer-(RGDfK)-(CHX-A''-DTPA) conjugates show increased kidney accumulation. Journal of Controlled Release. 2008 December 18; 132(3); 193-9.DOI

Kolhatkar RB, Swaan P, Ghandehari H. Potential Oral delivery of 7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxy-Camptothecin (SN-38) using Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers Pharmaceutical Research 2008 25(7) 1723-29. DOI

Kolhatkar RB, Sweet D, Ghandehari H. Functionalized Dendrimers as Nanoscale Drug Carriers. In Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Nanocarriers, V. Torchilin (ed),2008.

Kitchens KM, Kolhatkar RB, Swaan PW, Ghandehari H. Endocytosis inhibitors Prevent Poly(Amidoamine) Dendrimer Internalization and permeability across Caco-2 cells. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2008; 5(2):364-9. DOI

Mishra M, Kolhatkar RB, Zhen J, Parrington I, Reith M, Dutta A. Structure Activity Relationship Study of cis-(6-Benhydryl-piperidin-3-yl)-benzyl-amine and its constrained counterpart 1,4-diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane derivative: Study on influence of exocyclic hydroxyl function on affinity for monoamine transporters. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Journal 2008;16(6):2769-78 DOI

Kolhatkar RB, Kitchens KM, Swaan PW, Ghandehari H. Surface Acetylation of Poly (Amidoamine) (PAMAM) Dendrimers Decreases Cytotoxicity while Maintaining Membrane Permeability. Bioconjugate Chemistry 2007; 18(6),2054-60 DOI

Kitchens KM, Foraker AB, Kolhatkar RB, Swaan PW, Ghandehari H. Endocytosis and Interaction of Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) dendrimers with Caco-2 Cells. Pharmaceutical Research 2007; 24(11), 2138-45 DOI

Kitchens KM, Kolhatkar RB, Swaan PW, Eddington ND, Ghandehari H. Transport of Poly (Amidoamine) Dendrimers across Caco-2 Cell Monolayers: Influence of Size, Charge and Fluorescent Labeling. Pharmaceutical Research 2006; 23(12),2818-26 DOI