Doctor of Pharmacy Program (PharmD)

UIC pharmacy students pursue the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, to which is the highest level of professional education for the field. Our patient-centered curriculum will help you develop into a confident, caring practitioner with the ability to adapt and meet the changing needs of society, as well as advances in the pharmaceutical sciences.

Students who complete the Doctor of Pharmacy program are able to sit for state licensing examinations. After passing an examination in a selected state, Doctor of Pharmacy graduates are licensed to perform all the duties of a practicing pharmacist.

To earn the Doctor of Pharmacy degree at UIC, you will have to complete a minimum six years of study. The first two years of pre-pharmacy coursework can be accomplished at any accredited college or university. The final four years of professional education are to be completed at the UIC College of Pharmacy.

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Guaranteed Professional Program Admission (GPPA)

Applicants to the College of Pharmacy must, by the time they begin study, have completed two years of pre-pharmacy coursework, with a minimum of 60 semester hours.  Courses may be taken at the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or at any accredited college or university and must include at least the following .  See Pre-Pharmacy Guides.

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