Office of Diversity Affairs


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Diversity Affairs Coordinator

Jason Rebello

As the College of Pharmacy Diversity Affairs Coordinator Jason will manage the daily functions of the office while developing new programs and initiatives to support the overall diversity mission. As a part of his role with SGI-USA, Jason was responsible for organizing forums, exhibits, and workshops on topics of diversity and the promotion of a culture that respects human dignity. “Diversity is not a numbers game. It’s about creating an environment that places an importance on embracing, appreciating, and capitalizing on the rich perspectives and backgrounds of the people around us to accomplish a shared mission.” Jason Rebello UIC College of Pharmacy Diversity Affairs Coordinator

Associate Dean for Diversity Affairs
Dr. Clara Awe Ph.D., Ed.D.

The ODA is headed by Dr. Clara Awe, Associate Dean for Diversity Affairs, who has diligently supported the diversity mission at the college of pharmacy. She also chaired the committee that played a major role in the development of goals and initiatives created by the College of Pharmacy Diversity Strategic Thinking and Planning committee. This committee helped outline concrete steps toward building a more diverse culture and environment within the college.