Department of Pharmacy Administration

College of Pharmacy

Mission, Vision, and Area of Emphasis

Mission Statement:The mission of the Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy is to discover and share new knowledge through impactful research, innovative professional and graduate education training programs, engaged professional service, and entrepreneurial activities in pharmacy systems, outcomes, and policy.

The broad goals of the Department are to:

1) conduct research that advances knowledge in pharmacy systems, outcomes and policy;

2) educate and train pharmacists and researchers in the field of pharmacy systems, outcomes and policy;

3) serve the profession, the college, the community, the state, and the national and international organizations relevant to pharmacy; and

4) engage in entrepreneurial activities in pharmacy systems, outcomes, and policy through service, research, and teaching.

Vision Statement:To be the preeminent program for generating and disseminating knowledge regarding the effective, efficient, and safe use of medications and pharmacy services to improve health.

Areas of Emphasis:


The Department has four primary areas of emphasis around which its research efforts, education programs, service-related endeavors, and/or entrepreneurial activities are focused. These are: 1) pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, 2) pharmacy systems and policy, 3) pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, and 4) pharmaceutical education. We seek to lead the field in scientific contributions that advance knowledge in these areas. Consequently these are the core areas of specialization for doctoral students in our graduate program. It follows then, that these areas will be highly prioritized for any strategic investments we make in terms of resources, time and talent.