Department of Pharmacy Administration

College of Pharmacy

Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

The UIC Department of Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy (PSOP) is proud to recognize its adjunct and affiliate faculty members.  These individuals serve the Department on a volunteer basis by lecturing in courses, working with graduate or professional students, collaborating with faculty on research, and by contributing in other important ways to the Department.  Adjunct and affiliate faculty are leaders in government, industry, or practice, or are from other departments and colleges at the University.

Below is a listing of adjunct and affiliate faculty the Department.

Debra L Agard, PharmD, MHPE, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Kasem Akhras, PharmD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Clara Awe, EdD, PhD, Adjunt Associate Professor

James Bono, MHA, Adjunt Assistant Professor

Carmen A. Catizone, PhD, Adjunct Instructor 

Omar Dabbous, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Albert Scharon Edwards, BPharm, Adjunt Assistant Professor

Hind Tellai Hatoum, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Sheldon X Kong PhD, Adjunct Professor

Bruce L. Lambert, PhD, Adjunct Professor

Denys Tsz-Wai Lau, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Hsiang-Wen Lin, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Swu-Jane Lin, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Patricia L. Lurvey, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

Daniel Bin Ng, PharmD, Adjunct assistant Professor

James W. Shaw, PharmD, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Christopher Shoemaker, MBA, Adjunct Instructor

Scott W Siegert, PharmD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Thomas Tenhove, PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Frank R. Vogenberg, PharmD, Adjunct Assistant Professor