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Since 2000, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy has consistently ranked the UIC College of Pharmacy within the top 7 (out of nearly 100 surveyed) colleges of pharmacy in the nation, when measured by external research funding. As can be seen in the chart on the right, National Institutes of Health provide the most external funds, with other major contributors being Department of Defense, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, National Science Foundation, and American Cancer Society.

In fiscal year 2013 (7/1/12-6/30/13), total research sponsored program expenditures in the College were over $15M, which places the College among the top 5 colleges (out of 20 ranked ) within the University of Ilinois at Chicago, for the 5th year in a row. Out of the 155 UIC departments included in the FY2013 research expenditures report, all the College departments ranked within the top 45 with regard to research expenditures. The department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy was rated as number 13 within UIC. For more details, visit Grants&Contracts website.

Newly Recognized and Honored

Dr. Mike Federle received 2014 Rising Star Researcher of the Year Award.

Dr. Jim Wang has been interviewed for the Nature Sickle Cell Disease Supplement. His work on CamKII work is described in the article Neurobiology: Life beyond the pain. His UIC collaborators are Drs. Wilkie (Nursing) and Molokie (Medicine).

Dr. Alexander Mankin has been named as a 2014 Fellow for the American Academy of Microbiology. Fellows of the Academy are elected annually through a highly selective, peer-review process, based on their records of scientific achievement and original contributions that have advanced microbiology.

Dr. Guido Pauli has been selected as a 2014 University Scholar. The prestigious University Scholars Program provides three-year awards to faculty members who have demonstrated superior performance in scholarly activities in both research and teaching and who show great promise for future achievements.

Dr. Alexander Mankin has been appointed as a 2014 UIC Distinquished Professor. This appointment was created to recruit and recognize persons who have made a significant impact upon their field through scholarship, creativity and leadership. Shura is the fourth recipient of this honor in the College, joining Bill Beck, John Pezzuto and Norm Farnsworth.

Newly Funded

Dr. Karol Bruzik is an UIC subcontract PI on NIH P01 grant “General Anesthetic Sites on Ligand Gated Ion Channels ” with a start date of 9/1/14. He collaborates with Massachusetts General Hospital.

Dr. Alan Kozikowski received the Fall 2014 Proof-of-Concept (POC) Award from the UIC Chancellor's Innovation Fund . His proposal “Use of 5-HT2c-Agonists in Rett Therapy” was awarded funding by a pannel of venture capitalists and business leaders.

Dr. Joanna Burdette is an UIC subcontract PI on NIH project “Ex Vivo Female Reproductive Tract Integration in a 3D Microphysiologic System” with a start date of 9/18/14.

Dr. Gregory Thatcher and Dr. Pavel Petukhov are Co-PIs on a CADET (Centers for Advanced Diagnostics and Experimental Therapeutics) grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute awarded to University of Chicago. Their project “Therapeutic targeting of carotid body chemoreflex for sleep-disordered breathing” has a start date of 9/22/14.

Dr. Gregory Thatcher received R21 grant from the National Institute on Aging for his project “Potential APOE isoform-specific detrimental effects of RXR agonist in Alzheimer” with start date of 9/1/14. His Co-PIs is Dr. May Jo Ladu from the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.

Dr. Jim Wang received four year NIH R01 grant for his project “HL-Phenotypic Characterization of Chronic Pain in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease” with start date of 9/1/14. His Co-PIs are Drs. Wilkie (Nursing) and Molokie (Medicine).

Dr. Stephanie Crawfod received funding from McKesson Foundation for her project “Mobilizing for Patients Adherence to Cancer Therapies (mPACT)”.

Dr. Jimmy Orjala is a project leader on NIH P01 grant “Discovery of Anticancer Agents of Diverse Natural Origin”. The project started in June 2014.

Dr. Joanna Burdette received Pilot grant from the Department of Defense for her project “Impact of the Ovarian Microenvironment on Serous Cancer ”. She is collaborating with Dr. Barbolina.

Dr. Mike Johnson received CBC HTS supplement grant for his project “Identification and development of small molecule inhibitors against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)”.

Dr. Mike Johnson and his associates Drs. Shahila Christie and Hyun Lee obtained two STTR grants from the NIH NIAID. One of the grants focuses on developing anti-hepatitis C agents and the second focuses on developing antibiotics with reduced resistance susceptibility to treat S. aureus. The projects started in June and July 2014, respectively.

Dr. Seungpyo Hong received a three year grant from NSF Materials Research Division for project “Hybrid Nanoparticles for Kinetically Controlled Cancer Targeting Using Biomimetic Cell Rolling and Multivalent Binding”, with start date of August 1, 2014.

Dr. Mike Johnson is a subcontract PI on NIH NIAID R21 grant with title “Antibiotic Potentiation by Targeting a Signal Transduction System”.

Dr. Les Hanakahi received R21 grant from NIH NCI. Her project, “Regulation of non-homologous end joining through end processing” has a start date of July 2014.


Congratulations to our trainees

MCP Karina Szymulanska-Ramamurthy (Che Lab) has been granted 2015 Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Award.

BPS Ellie Jhun (Wang lab) has been selected to participate in the 2015 St. Jude National Graduate Student Symposium (NGSS). From the 1,815 students invited to apply for the 2015 NGSS, only 44 students were selected. She will be presenting her work on sickle cell pain pharmacogenetics.

CPB Reid Wilkening (MD/PhD student in Federle lab) received 2014 American Heart Associatian Predoctoral Fellowship.

BPS Yang Yang (formerly in Hong lab) received 2014 UIC Graduate College Outstanding Thesis Award for her work “Interactions of Dendritic Nanomaterials with Skin Layers and Their Applications in Topical Drug Delivery”.

BPS Goda Muralidhar (Barbolina lab) received 2014 Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship.

2014 Riback Fellow, Dan Gratie (Nutescu Lab) has been nominated for Best Student Research Poster Finalist Award at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy’s Annual Meeting, October 12-15 held in Austin, TX. He presented his work on Impact of a pharmacist guided pharmacogenetics service on prediction of warfarin stable dose (Gratie D, Cheng W, Drozda K, Duarte J, Lee J, Galanter WL, Garofalo J, Krishnan JA, Cavallari L, Nutescu EA. Pharmacotherapy 2014;34(10):e289:415).

Xiaoyu Hu (Wang Lab) has won 2nd place in this year's UIC Graduate College Image of Research competition with her Butterfly in the Spine image.

Two MCP students Dimple Modi and Eoghainin O Hainmhire (both from Burdette Lab) and BPS Goda Muralidhar (Barbolina lab) have been named 2014/2015 CCTS PECTS Scholars.

Erin Beisner (MD/PhD student in Federle Lab) received NIH NIAID F30 fellowship for her project “Specificity and Promiscuity In The ComRS System of Gram-Positive Pathogens”.

Chaitanya Aggarwal (Federle Lab) has been selected as a 2014 Baxter Young Investigator for his project “Identification of Streptococcal Communication Signals and Discovery of Signal Blockers to Prevent Biofilm Formation”.

Jason Buhrman (MD/PhD student in Gemeinhart Lab) won a Protein Society Best Poster Award during the 2014 Symposium.

Laura Cook (a postdoc in Federle Lab) received NIH NIAID F32 fellowship for her project “Determining The Role Of Dialog Between Pathogenic Streptococci in Biofilm Development and Virulence ”.