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Course Policies

Course Syllabi
READ THEM and KEEP THEM!  A course syllabus not only will provide you a schedule of topics but will provide you that course’s policies as outlined by the course coordinator.  Policies regarding grading, excused absences, classroom behavior, etc. are course specific and are determined by the course coordinator.  A student’s ignorance of the course’s specific policies is never an excuse.

Excused Absence Policy
(This topic is so important that we are repeating it twice in one page.)
As stated in the preceding paragraph, the excused absence policy is course specific.  Some professors will expect documentation in order to excuse an absence. Some professors will just want you to contact them if you miss any class, others want to be contacted only if you miss an exam, still others will give you a specific time by which you must contact them if you are going to be absent.  Read the course syllabus and know exactly what is expected of you in each course.

If you are having difficulty contacting your course coordinator, you may call the Office of Student Affairs (312-996-7242) and we will e-mail the coordinator that you contacted us regarding your absence.  The Office of Student Affairs does not give excused absences!!!  The office will document the absence and will relay a message from a student to the coordinator but students still must contact the coordinator directly when they are able to.

The course coordinator is responsible for deciding whether to excuse an absence.  The Office of Student Affairs can help mediate between the student and a coordinator if a situation warrants it.

Incomplete Grade Deadline
A student has a year from the end of the semester in which a course was taken to complete and receive a grade for that course or risk that it becomes an “F” grade.  Professors can state an earlier deadline if they choose. All courses must be completed before beginning the fourth year.

Core Courses
Students must achieve at least a 2.00 average (4.00 scale) in all core courses before they will be allowed to continue to their fourth year.  A list of the following semester's core courses wil be available to all students prior to November and March registration periods.

Elective Courses
Students must complete 12 credit hours of elective courses before they can continue to their fourth year.  Because classroom elective courses may have limited seating; many students may choose to take up to 8 hours of elective courses by enrolling in 380 / 390 Independent Study Courses.

380 (Research) / 390 (Special Topics) Independent Study Courses
Students intending to take 380 or 390 courses need to complete the 380/390 form and obtain all necessary signatures (including Department Head signature).
380/390 forms are available in the Office of Student Affairs.

  • Only 4 credit hours of 390 may be counted toward the 12 credit hour elective requirement.
  • Only 8 credit hours of 380 (in at least 2 depts.) may be counted toward the 12 credit hour elective requirement.
  • Only 8 combined hours of 380/390 may be counted.
  • 380 courses require a g.p.a. > 2.5.

Check Potential Topics in 380/390 for faculty research information; available in the student lounge or at the above link.

Students are responsible for properly registering for 380/390 courses on time.  A faculty member cannot register a student in a course.