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Registration Policies

Registering for Classes

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Registration Responsibilities

Students are responsible for the accuracy of their registrations and should double-check their registrations to ensure that they are enrolled properly.  Errors in registration could cause a delay in grade reporting.

By registering, students acknowledge academic and financial responsibility for the confirmed courses resulting from their registrations.  They are obligated to pay all applicable tuition and fees unless they officially drop in accordance with the refund deadlines published in the Schedule of Classes.

Registration Deadlines

Last day to add an elective or core course -  tenth day of the semester
Last day to drop an elective course completely from schedule - tenth day of the semester.
Last day to drop an elective course with a “W” - sixth Friday of the semester.

Dropping a Core Course

Dropping a core course has severe consequences.  Most courses are prerequisites for courses later in the curriculum and are offered once a year.  Courses may be dropped only after consultation with the College Office of Student Affairs and only under circumstances that warrant a reduction in courseload (i.e. circumstances outside of academics, not just because a student may be doing poorly in the course in question).


If you decide to withdraw from the college, you will need to meet with a staff member in the College Office of Student Affairs.  If you fail to abide by the established procedure for withdrawal, you may be barred from re-entry and the Records Office will refuse to release a transcript of your studies at the University.