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Safety at UIC

University Police

Emergency : (312) 996-HELP, nonemergency: (312) 996-2830

The primary function of the University Police is to protect life and property against criminal attack and to preserve the peace within the established limits of the university.

The effectiveness of the University Police Department is largely dependent upon the assistance of each and every member of the community.  If you observe or have knowledge of a dangerous, suspicious, or criminal activity or a serious safety hazard, you should call the police.  If you are uncertain, call the police. Confidentiality will be respected.

Campus Emergency Phones:  The police can also be contacted by activating one of the more than 220 emergency telephones that are strategically placed throughout the campus. They are located in easily identifiable brown telephone kiosks (Startels) and wall-mounted units.  By simply pushing the large button on the face of the unit the caller is placed in instant voice communication with the Alarm Center of the Police Department. These kiosks are topped with a flashing blue strobe light that is activated when the button is pressed.  Other similar alarms are located in elevators, offices, restrooms, parking lots and the student locker room. The location of all activated alarms is automatically noted, so these devices can be utilized even when speech is impossible.


Red Car Service

Red Car : (312) 996-6800

The “Red Car” is a safety escort service available to university faculty, staff, students, patients or patients’ visitors and other authorized  individuals.  The “Red Car” operates from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  To use the Red Car service you must be registered with the UIC transportation office (312) 996-2842.


After-Hours Walking Escort