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Undergraduate Research

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One of the many ways UIC sets itself apart from other universities is by extending a wide variety of research opportunities to undergraduates. The Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) program works by pairing undergraduate students with faculty mentors who have similar research interests. Students develop projects, collect data, and present findings via a symposium and a research paper. In addition to preparing students for entry and completion of graduate school, participants build important relationships with key role models—world-renowned faculty members; and often win awards for their work.

Another research program that UIC offers is the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program, which gives Honors College students (who have completed freshman year) the opportunity to pursue a wide range of research activity—including business, education, engineering, the humanities and the arts, the natural sciences and mathematics, and the social sciences.

Liberal Arts students can learn more about undergraduate research programs in their field, including information about financial support, by contacting a representative at LASURI (Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative).

To celebrate student research, UIC hosts the Student Research Forum each spring. Undergraduate, graduate and professional students can present their scholarly activity in a venue that celebrates research from all disciplines. Student work is judged by a panel made up of UIC alumni.

For more information, visit the following Undergraduate Research sites.

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