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You are UIC

As a graduate of UIC, you are poised to meet the future in a way no one else can. And, like all UIC alumni, you are a part of the UIC Alumni Association. We are here to create an exceptional lifelong alumni experience.

The UICAA brings together over 323,000 UIC alumni with programs and initiatives to keep you connected to UIC and one another in meaningful ways. We bring you the support and resources you need along your journey as you change, grow and tackle new adventures. At the same time, we hope you will engage with UIC in ways that fulfill your goals and help us advance UIC’s mission.

Learn more about how UICAA can benefit you and how you can support the UIC mission and the next generation of UIC Alumni.

UIC's Recent Alumni Happy Hour was held at Punch Bowl Social on May 16, 2019 as an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with friends and welcome the new members of the UIC Alumni Association community. (Photo: Natalie Battaglia)


Our thriving UIC Alumni Association is the portal through which over 323,000 UIC alumni can engage with and support one another, and contribute to the UIC community in ways that guide students and help drive UIC’s mission.

Get Involved

The UIC Alumni Association offers a wide array of volunteer opportunities for alumni to get involved.